Firstly, can I personally thank everyone who has helped F13K Cancer raise almost £40,000 for Marie Curie Northern Ireland. 

It just goes to show that Road Racing and Motorsports fans are very generous and always dig deep to support their sport and the charities associated with it.  

“One of the worst feelings in the world is not being able to help people close to your heart,” said Fermanagh’s Lee Johnston. “For that reason alone I’m starting this charity, as the sad fact is – nearly everyone is close to someone with cancer.”

Giving credit to his peers and the worldwide pool of motorcycling fans, he added: “It’s a well know fact that racers and race fans are very generous when it comes to supporting charities, so I’m hoping everyone gets involved, by simply donating, or they can purchase a t-shirt or phone cover.”

“These wonderful people at Marie Curie open their hearts and help patients in the last days of their lives, which personally I think is an unbelievably selfless thing to do.”

Lee Johnston